Airport service

We are more than happy to arrange a corporate taxi to transport you to one of the following airports: Eindhoven, Weeze, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Amsterdam of Antwerp. The Utrecht based company TaxiLux guarantees you will be transported in a relaxed and comfortable manner in a luxurious car. You will be transported to the requested airport in a representable car without any commercial printing. You can be sure that you arrive in a relaxed mood at the airport. Of course our driver will make sure you will be in time for your check-in.

It is our goal to give the luxurious ambiance and service from the golden days back to taxis. Our correct and representative drivers will help your with your luggage. You will be spoken to in a friendly manner in correct and fluent Dutch, but when requested also in correct English.

It will be our pleasure to arrange your transport from Utrecht to the desired airport. Especially when:

  • You do not wish to leave your car for a prolonged period in the parking of an airport;
  • You do not like to travel by public transport, especially with heavy suitcases;
  • You want to be absolutely sure to be in time for your flight;
  • You need to finish some business and/or need to make a few phonecalls while travelling to the airport.

Your trip, wether it is for business or for leisure already starts in the taxi from TaxiLux. When the taxi arrives, all you need to do is get in the car. Our passengers enjoy the luxury, the comfort and our servicelevel, but the quoted fares are considered very reasonable. High level transport against regular rates.

Collection at an airport

Do you want a luxurious to collect you at a certain airport? We are more than happy to arrange that for you. Wether it is Weeze, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht or Antwerp. Our driver will be waiting for you at the arranged time. You just finished a ling flight and you want to get to your final destination straight away. We understand completely. That is why we are waiting for you instead of the other way round.

Our drivers ensures your transport to be comfortable. We are convinced that after this experience you will choose for luxurious transport to and from the airport in future.

Make your reservation for a taxi from Utrecht to an airport

Do you need a taxi to an airport from Utrecht? We can be reached on 030 – 879 99 99 or go to contact. It is also possible to make an online reservation very easily.

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