Transport on Contract

Transport on contract is one of the services TaxiLux can offer. Does your organisation need transport on a regular basis? There really is no need to make a separate reservation for every fare. With transport on contract you arrange that we will be available on the agreed dates or times.

Transport on contract with TaxiLux

When it comes to service, TaxiLux goes the extra mile compared to the competition. When making a reservation with us, you are guaranteed that you will be transported in a luxurious and stylish car. Your driver is a professional for whom service is a second nature. That your driver has a styled appearance and that he is always thoughtfoul of your needs goes without saying.

You will agree with your driver on forehand what you expect from the fare and his provided services. Our drivers have a extremely good knowledge of the Dutch roads. Your driver wil plan the route in such a way that you will be arriving on your destination in time, except in the case of emergencies, i.e. accidents or unexpected traffic jams.

Do you wish to make a reservation for transport on contract? 

We are there for you, also when it comes to executive transport. Day or night, also during weekends.  Make your reservation right now.  It is also possible to make your reservation online in a very fast and easy way.

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