Our drivers

For TaxiLux the quality of our service is very important. That is why we demand a lot from our drivers. We can assure you that your driver is certified, motivated and experienced.

When using TaxiLux, wether it is private of corporate, you can be certain that your driver:

  • Will transport you to your destination as safe as possible
  • Will have stylish and representative appearance
  • Will speak to you friendly and politely
  • Will provide you with all the service you can expect.
  • Will be fluent in Dutch and will be able to speak at least one other language (most likely English)
  • Will help you with your luggage
  • Will make sure your taxi will be immaculate.


Quality is more than a good driver and a representative and comfortable car. It is all about details. Caring about discretion and your privacy and safeguarding them. Knowing when you want to be left alone to work for instance. Or to relax in between appointments. And of course flexibility and patience, if the driver needs to wait longer than expected.

Our drivers are thoughtful to your wishes and needs. They will do what ever is needed to give you the quality you expect from our company. They are more than happy to oblige you.

Would you like more information on our drivers?

Please do not hestitate to contact our operators. We can provide you with more information on our drivers. You can reach us on 030 – 879 99 99 or contact us.

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